What is the electronic supply chain service

21 june

Electronic supply chain service

The electronic supply chain refers to the key data of different enterprises, such as ordering, forecasting, inventory status, out-of-stock status, production plan, transportation arrangement, in-transit materials, sales analysis, fund settlement and other data. It is convenient for managers to quickly and accurately Get a variety of information. And make full use of electronic data exchange (EDI), INTERNET and other technical means to achieve information integration on the supply chain, to achieve electronic receipt and transmission of shared purchase orders, multi-position inventory automation processing and control, batch and serial number tracking, cycle inventory, etc. Important information.

A supply chain can be defined as the process of creating products for a customer. It spans everything from raw materials, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, warehousing to product sales, involving a wide range of independent companies and customers, such as manufacturers, suppliers, transporters, wholesalers and retailers.

The electronic supply chain has revolutionized the way transactions are traded, which has greatly reduced transaction costs, saved transaction time, and more importantly, the electronic supply chain has enabled small companies and companies that are dozens of times larger than them to stand on a starting line. At the same time, large companies can also use the electronic supply chain to respond flexibly to the market and move smartly into new markets.