Production Equipment

Equipment Model QTY Maker Click picture to enlarge
PCB Loader DLV-530L 3 DERLV PCB Loader
Screen Printer DEK ELAi 3 DEK Screen Printer
Fuji Control Computer FUJI FLEXA 1 Fuji Fuji Control Computer
High Speed Mounter XP143E 6 Fuji High Speed Mounter
Multi-Purpose Mounter XP243E 3 Fuji Multi-Purpose Mounter
Reflow Oven PYRAMAX 100A 3 BTU Reflow Oven
Temperature Profiler BESTEMP C6000 1 BESTEMP Temperature Profiler
Wave soldering Machine SELL-450-CA 2 SOUNG Wave soldering Machine
Soldering  robot QUICK 9384 8 QUICK Soldering  robot
Precision automatic conformal coating machine PROSOYO-450 1 PROSOYO Precision automatic conformal coating machine
Visual Dispensing Machine PROSOYO-4Z341R 1 PROSOYO Visual Dispensing Machine
Dispensing Robot DT-400F 1 XINHUA Dispensing Robot
Automatic screw machine M11D 6 HEDA Automatic screw machine
Ultrasonic welding machine 20KHZ/2000W 2 YiYuan Ultrasonic welding machine

Testing Equipment

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PXI test Pxle-1065 5 NI PXI test
Automatic Optical Inspector ALD515 3 ALEADER Automatic Optical Inspector
Hi-pot Tester ZNY-40A 2 WeiNa Hi-pot Tester
3D microscope EC-S3 1 EOC 3D microscope
Oscilloscope DS1102CA 2 RIGOL Oscilloscope
Digital Force Gauge NK-200 2 AIGU Digital Force Gauge
Digital Thermometer 51 4 Fluke Digital Thermometer
Digital noise meter GM1356 7 BIAOZHI Digital noise meter
Gauss meter GS-25 1 AIKESI Gauss meter
Printing life tester S12-051 1 HONGDA Printing life tester
Multifunction Frequency Counter HC-F1000L 1 ZAOXIN Multifunction Frequency Counter
Precision LCR meter TH2828 1 TongHui Precision LCR meter
LCR digital bridge TH2816 1 TongHui LCR digital bridge
DC power supply GPD-3303 1 Gwinstek DC power supply
Digital temperature and humidity meter 971 1 Fluke Digital temperature and humidity meter
Digital Torque Meter KTM-10 1 KILEWS Digital Torque Meter