Prosoyo's service in PCB Assembly area

21 june

PCB Assembly

Prosoyo Technology Ltd provide quick turn PCB assembly which shortens the product development cycle and requires efficiency and precision. With an attention to detail and precise execution, Prosoyo offers end-to-end assembly services from prototype board or concept design and assembly to small~high volume circuit board or complete product assembly.

With a wide range of manufacturing capabilities from simple single-sided assemblies to complex densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies, Prosoyo manufacturing lines are designed to achieve maximum performance in various application and technology sectors. While the lines are customized, common equipment platforms are used to allow efficient new product introduction and rapid transfer to production.

Prosoyo capabilites include:

  • Expertise in single, multi-layer flexible and rigid circuitry boards
  • Thorough design review prior to starting the assembly
  • Consignment or full turnkey solution
  • In-depth knowledge of various application requirements
  • Proficient in surface mounting, through-hole and mixed technology
  • Prompt response to design changes, requirement updates and questions
  • State-of-the-art advanced manufacturing equipment
  • Stringent quality control