What is Electronics Contract Manufacturing ?

21 june
Electronics Contract Manufacturing (ECM) refers to a variety of services that may include engineering design, PCB fabrication, subassembly manufacturing, turnkey or box builds, functional testing, distribution and order fulfillment on behalf of OEMs ( Original Electronic Manufacturers) . Electronic contract manufacturing may be utilized as either a supplement to or as a replacement of company-owned manufacturing operations. 

Prosoyo as your electronics assembly partner means that you can benefit from our over 27 years of experience as an electronics manufacturing provider. We are proud to attest that our policy as an electronics contract manufacturing company is to provide the finest instrument solutions and value added services that will meet or exceed your expectations of quality and workmanship -- on time and within budget.

Benefits of Electronic Contract Manufacturing

Electronic Contract Manufacturing has been known historically to dramatically reduce supply chain costs, in some cases cutting them in half. ECM has made it possible for companies to shed all or most of their own internal manufacturing facilities thereby freeing their valuable company resources for other productive business purposes. In some cases, Electronic Contract Manufacturing has enabled companies to operate without the need for internal manufacturing capabilities or internally-managed factories.

Many companies may choose to outsource their well-established longstanding products to an Electronic Contract Manufacturer, thereby allowing for a greater focus on internal operations for newer products of greater complexity which may have higher margins.

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