What is an ems service?

21 june

Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS), also known as ECM (Electronic Contract Manufacturing), is also known as professional electronic foundry services. ems service. compared to traditional OEM or ODM services, which only provide product design and OEM production, EMS vendors provide knowledge and management services, such as material procurement and management, logistics, and even product repair services.

Nowadays, various electronic products, especially laptops and mobile phones, are branded by professional electronic foundry service providers. The company only provides brand, design, monitoring and technical support, so it can be said that these EMS suppliers are the true processors of the best-selling products.

After more than 20 years of development, EMS(electronic manufacturing services) enterprises have formed a certain scale, which has made great contributions to the development of the electronics industry, and also promoted the development of upstream and downstream industries, especially the development of upstream equipment materials industry and downstream terminal consumer electronic products.