What is an Electronics Manufacturing Services Company?

21 june

Electronics manufacturing services are those offered by companies that design, test, build, deliver, or give aftermarket help for electronic parts and assemblies. A steady, expert hand guiding you through the manufacturing process can give your product a leg up on your competitors.

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)
Some of what you see here is industry-standard, while other offerings are more niche or specialty. Either way, here are a few thoughts on EMS:

Working with a company who has a dedicated engineering staff is super valuable.
Make sure your vendor has the industry-specific certifications you need. A medical company, for example, might need a specific certification that a gas meter company does not.

Here’s what to expect with EMS:
PCB Assembly
Cable Assembly
Electromechanical Assembly
Electronic and mechanical Design
Component sourcing and procurement

If you have further questions about what an electronics contract manufacturer could or should provide,we can and happy to help.