Reliable PCB assembly is the key

21 june

Before delving into which shipping options are best-suited to the PCB prototyping process, it is important that we underline the importance of prototype reliability.

When dealing with long distance customers,PCB assembly companies are hard-pressed to deliver results that are markedly more consistent than those of local providers. Although shipping providers can send delicate electronics safely using overnight shipping, the manufacturer must be able to trust the quality of the PCBA upon arrival.

If, for instance, a electronic product owner does not provide adequate manufacturability guidelines to PCBA factory,there is a chance that the resulting PCBA may not hold up to testing. If the boards need to be sent back, reworked, and then sent again to their original intended destination, per unit shipping costs and labor cost will increase considerably.

For this reason, working with a trusted PCB assembly factory(EMS provider) is of utmost importance. Since most PCB assembly companies operate under non disclosure agreement that prevent prospective clients from determining who their other clients are, referrals to reputable prototype assemblers or PCB assemblers are incredibly valuable and is the key roadmap for manufacturers.