Prosoyo Technology - A truly EMS provider

21 june
With the ever-increasing demand for high-quality electronics product, it is important to find a truly reliable Electronics Manufacturing Services partner (EMS provider) that can deliver exceptional products or services.

Prosoyo Technology Ltd has over 27 years of experience culminating in an extensive knowledge in the
EMS industry, our goal is provide the most convenient and mutual beneficial Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for our customers by developing strategic partnerships with electronics supplier chain to bring quality products to market, on time, within budget, with turnkey solutions and global order fulfillment.

Our manufacturing capability is complemented by our partnership approach in providing comprehensive electronic design, production and technical support services for electronic manufacturing to optimize products' speed to market. Prosoyo services include:
  1. New Product Design & Development (Electronic & Mechanical)
  2. Prototyping and Pre-production
  3. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) & Ball Grid Array (BGA) with repair capability
  4. Through Hole Assembly
  5. Coating and Potting
  6. Casing Assembly / Complete Unit Assembly
  7. In-circuit Testing, Functional Testing, and System Testing
  8. Packaging and Distribution
  9. Programming of Micro Controllers, Memory Devices, and Programmable Logic
Prosoyo offers PCB assembly and mainly complete assembly with retail packing, this capability can be utilized at all levels from the initial production of low volume, rapid prototype products, through to the ongoing manufacture of complex, multi-technology assemblies.

Given our capability in product innovation and development, we have the ability to offer prototype and rapid turnaround PCB assembly for surface mount, mixed technology and conventional PCB assemblies. By assigning a well-experienced manufacturing engineer to each project, review the project's manufacturability of designs and to formulate recommendations for design enhancement (if any), can quickly identify potential issues before they affect your project and ultimately maintaining precise documentation for manufacturing.

As a result of continuous investment in people and equipment, we provide broad process and turnkey capabilities, flexibility, responsiveness to dynamic markets, shorter manufacturing lead-times and a commitment to total quality and customer satisfaction.

You are more than welcome to send us a RFQ to experience our added value service in electronic manufacturing services industry.