Issues to be aware of in Electronics Design Service

21 june
In Electronics Design Service, in order to make the designed works more efficient and reliable, it is necessary to continuously learn and summarize the system boards that have been contacted before, and at the same time, pay attention to some problems as following:
                             Electronics Design Service
1, As a control system, there must be input and output. The input includes keyboard, sensor, AD and other input methods, which can be input into the control system through serial parallelism. The output includes a display stepper motor, or other output actions.
2, At the time of design, the level that may be required in the system is different. The power supply voltage of the chip and the voltage of the host computer communication are different from the positive and negative logic levels in the communication protocol. At this time, the level is required conversion chip.

3, In order to ensure the stability of the system, the noise in the system must be minimized or eliminated. This requires hardware operation such as voltage stabilization and filtering, and in order to reduce glitch, software must be used to eliminate jitter.

4, In the hardware design of the system, pay attention to whether the circuit can work, that is, whether there are enough drivers. At this time, it is necessary to add the driver chip in time, so that it is used to drive the hardware, and of course, there is also a software driver, so that the chip of a certain function can work normally.

5, In fact, in the design, there must always be cost awareness. We have to consider whether the cost of the required hardware matches the function of the system, too low to achieve the best results, too high is not worth it. So we have to fully analyze the circuit and select the chip in the design.

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