Electronic product packaging have their own advantages

21 june

electronic product packaging 

electronic product packaging roughly divided into three types: transport packaging, retail packaging and medium packaging
First, transportation packaging: The main function of the product packaging is to protect the product to withstand the various mechanical and climatic factors in the circulation process to ensure that the quantity and quality of the product are delivered to the consumer intact;
                                     electronic product packaging

Second, retail packaging: the inner packaging of the product is a kind of packaging that directly meets the consumer. Its role is not only to protect the product for consumers to use and carry but also to beautify the goods and advertising;

Third, the middle packaging: the role of measuring separation and protection of products is part of the transport packaging, but also with the product together with the consumer to see such medium packaging, it should be regarded as sales packaging, electronic product packaging must comply with scientific and environmental protection. The principle of inner packaging and medium packaging is an integral part of the mutual influence.