Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) Information

21 june
Electronic manufacturing services (EMS) are  provided by companies that assemble, produce, and test electronic components and printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) printed circuit board assembly .

EMS companies may provide a variety of manufacturing services, including design, assembly, testing, full packaging ect,  EMS companies may be contracted at various points in the manufacturing process.  Some companies require only a design file from the customer before proceeding to develop the product, source the components from a trusted distributor, and assemble and test the product.  Alternatively, electronic manufacturing services provider who specialize in assembly may require the customer to provide the design, the components necessary for manufacturing, and an assembled sample. 

Electronic contract manufacturing involves different levels of automation, depending on the company and project requirements. Companies that produce large runs of products typically use heavily automated manufacturing.  Providers who specialize in prototypes or small production runs typically assemble PCBs change from manually to automated assembly in order to make sure product quality and precision.