Electronic Contract Manufacturing

21 june
Electronic Contract Manufacturing, also short as ECM, it refers to a one-stop service including component supply, engineering design, electronic product assembly, testing, box build assembly etc. We, Prosoyo Technology Ltd., are an experienced ECM company with Electronic Contract Manufacturing services that have been benefiting customers for nearly three decades.

Here we will elaborate the different aspects of the Electronic Contract Manufacturing in detail for your easy understanding:

Firstly, what is Electronic Contract Manufacturing? Electronic contract manufacturing is a form of outsourcing services such as manufacturing and engineering that offers a wide range of core manufacturing capabilities.

Prosoyo Technology Ltd. is an experience electronic contract manufacturer in China, we have been providing turnkey electronic manufacturing services to customers nearly three decades. Our service cover all basics for electronic product manufacturing, from SMT, through-hole assembly, final assembly (box build assembly), till finish product with pack and ship. We provide value-added services such as technical support, logistic, and supply chain management including a comprehensive sourcing and procurement service.

Working with an ECM partner allows companies to focus on core businesses such as research and development, also helps companies reducing production costs, capital investment, and improving operational efficiencies. What’s more, ECM partner produce a wide range of products and they have the necessary certifications and expertise, they also have professional engineers who are experts in the field of electronics manufacturing to handle your project, which will help you get quality products within a short turnaround time.

Working with an ECM partner can ensure the quality of products. As an electronic contract manufacturer, Prosoyo Technology has rich experience in manufacturing a wide range of electronic products, so we are well-versed in different standards and compliance for different industries. We also have the expertise and equipment required to fulfill manufacturing and other processes, so we can ensure the quality of product meet customer’s requirements.

Manufacturing a product can be very pricey, companies may need to invest heavily in equipment, technology, and people and the day-to-day operating costs are also high. But partnering with a reliable electronic contract manufacturer is a beneficial approach to save your cost. More importantly, you can invest more in your core business to improve competitiveness instead of investing in the manufacturing facility.
Working with an ECM partner can accelerate turnaround time. In such a competitive circumstance, time to market for your product is the key, the sooner you launch product, the more likely you are going to earn the market shares.

Conclusion, working with a reliable electronic contract manufacturer can speed up the entire process by reducing manufacturing time. At Prosoyo Technology, we have good relationships with our network suppliers, so enable materials sourcing and supply success of meeting customer required ship dates.You are more than welcome to send us RFQ to experience our value-added services.