Basic Quality Standards for contract electronic manufacturing

21 june
-Cosmetic : ANSI/ASQC Z1.4 regular II, AQL: MA=0.65 MI=1.5
- Functional : C=0, AQL=0.65
IPQC : Sample Check
QC : 100% Test & Inspection
QA : C=0, AQL=0.65
Burn In : Per products’ categories and customers’ requirements.
Workmanship : IPC-A-600(PCB) & IPC-A-610 Class II (PCB Assemblies)

Quality Plan base on ISO9001 : 2015

For some criteria when the product(PCB Assembly) is sensitive at some circumstances, quality requirement standard will be tightened per Prosoyo engineers’ suggestions, also the quality standard can also be adjusted per customers’ requirements specified or precautions given for those particular models.

Prosoyo as your Contract Electronic Manufacturing will ensure that all quality inspection procedures are adhered to throughout all production process. In addition, by maintenance of quality records, the company is able to demonstrate to the customer evidence of product quality conformance.

The quality manual will be made available or issued to certain persons involved in the management and inspection of quality on a day to day basis and relevant quality procedures will also be available to individuals to enable them to take action needed to operate the quality system which is mandatory for all personnel.