Advantages of SMT assembly

21 june

The first advantage of SMT assembly of chip processing is the small size, high density, and different through-hole components. The pins of SMT chip components are generally short, basically hidden under the component body, generally SMT chip components. The volume is relatively small, only about one tenth of the through hole components.

When the size is small, the pins are also short, resulting in a corresponding decrease in weight. Electronic products using SMT chip processing technology will shrink by 40% to 60% on average, and the average weight will be reduced by 60% to 80%. The petite body of the SMT patch component will cause more components to be placed per unit area, resulting in a significant increase in the assembly density of electronic products.


 The second advantage is fast transmission and good performance. Because the SMT chip components are short, some components are leadless, which helps to reduce the effects of parasitic inductance and parasitic capacitance, thus reducing electromagnetic and RF interference. It can improve the circuit transmission speed and high frequency characteristics. As the speed increases, the interference is reduced, and SMT chip processing helps the performance of electronic products to be greatly improved.

The third advantage is high production efficiency. SMT chip processing generally adopts automated production lines, and the production efficiency is much higher than that of plug-in assembly production. The automatic placement machine uses a vacuum nozzle to suck and discharge components, which is very beneficial to increase the assembly density. Because the assembly line consisting of SMT chip processing equipment is becoming more and more mature, it is generally possible to shorten the production time, thereby accelerating the pace of entry of electronic products into the market and enhancing the market competitiveness of electronic products.

The fourth advantage is low cost. SMT chip processing technology generally benefits cost reduction. The small size and high density of SMT chip processing components can reduce the PCB board use area, which helps to reduce costs. Secondly, the use of the chip processing method can also reduce the number of drill holes on the PCB circuit board, thereby saving the repair cost and contributing to the cost reduction. SMT machines are usually owed by EMS providers.