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China EMS factory provides Prototyping And Pre-production Service for PCBA prototyping

Prototyping And Pre-production Service for PCBA and electronic finish product


Our PCBA prototyping services are aimed to help customer reduce electronics product cycle time to market. 

We offers rapid and efficient electronic PCB assembly prototype to reduce design cycle time, contributes idea from mechanical to electronic circuit(PCB layout) design for manufacturability (DFM) and testability recommendations to improve manufacturability of the electronic product, which ultimately reduces product cycle time to market.

Quick turn electronic PCBA prototyping shortens the product development cycle and requires efficiency and precision. With an attention to detail and precise execution, Prosoyo offers end-to-end assembly services from board design to prototype and assembly of low to high volume printed circuit board assembly.

From simple board assemblies to complex densely populated fine pitch and BGA surface mount assemblies and complete product assembly, the Prosoyo Technology engineering team offers
PCBA and complete product manufacturing solutions that are customized to our production equipments and customer requirement.