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Prosoyo has a skilled mechanical design team responsible for working on all stages of production cycles, from research and design to prototype and manufacturing.

Prosoyo's mechanical design engineer discuss with customers to determine their design requirements, plan and execute the design of mechanical parts or devices, develop and test prototypes, and work closely with the manufacturing teams to ensure that design specifications are met and manufacturability is satisfied.

The team has rich experience in mathematically and mechanically minded and have strong analytical and critical thinking abilities, possess detailed knowledge of engineering and design principles and always find creative solutions to technical problems.

The team is participating in feasibility research of product project and system design. We help customers to draw up structural design schemes and project plans to improve product performance and quality. Taking the responsibility for the detailed design of product structure and parts, Prosoyo is also in charge of  the development, debugging and related technologies of the prototype.

The team is keeping abreast of the latest advancements in technology, design trends, and engineering best practices.


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