Custom PCB Fixtures

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Fixtures For PCBA Products

We support to design and build test fixtures in house.
These fixtures will be used for customer's PCBAs or complete electronic products, to help our production line to save time by using the fixtures. Means this also corresponds to lean production.

Prosoyo owned our fixtures team who are experienced for fixture designing and making in house. Therefore, we are able to help customers to design or make different kind of fixtures for electronic products or PCBA according to customes' requirements.

When you need such service, you can provide following datas to us so we to review the feasibility and cost of the fixture for you consideration.

1. Testing requirement for the product.
2. The structure diagram for test fixture, wiring diagram.
3. Physical product need to be provide.
4. If no physical product , a diagram of the test point and product picture need to be provide.

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