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WiFi Linker is used to share WiFi passwords and allow guests to quickly connect to WiFi network. This product displays the WiFi QR code with a refreshable e-ink screen. It has a built-in refreshable NFC tag.

Quickly connect to WiFi network
  1. Use your phone's or tablet's system camera (Android or iOS) to scan WiFi Linker's QR code. You can then quickly connect to WiFi network, no need typing network name or password.
  2. Use a NFC-enabled Android phone, tap the middle of the product, and you can also quickly connect to WiFi network.
  3. Watch the setup video Downloads (
Update WiFi information in WiFi Linker
  1. Use a Windows computer. Connect WiFi linker to the computer through Type-C USB cable, download and install WiFi Linker application software on the computer, and update the WiFi information inside the product according to the software prompts.
  2. Use an NFC-enabled Android or iOS phone. Install the WiFi Linker APP from APP store, enter the WiFi information according to the APP prompts. Move the NFC antenna of the mobile phone to the middle of the WiFi Linker to update the WiFi information inside the product. Please note that before updating WiFi information with your mobile phone, you need to use USB charger to power up WiFi linker through Type-C USB cable.
  3. Download APP Downloads (
  1. This product only supports mobile devices with Android or iOS systems to share WiFi password.
  2. To scan the QR code, you need to use the system camera. Some APP camera like WeChat does not support this feature, some APP camera like Alipay does.
  3. The product needs to be powered up through the USB interface when updating the internal WiFi information, and it does not need power when sharing WiFi password.
  4. This is an electronic product without built-in battery, should avoid impacting, squeezing the e-ink screen, so as not to cause damage.

FAQs of WiFi Linker. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, let us know!

Where can I find the setup apps for WiFi Linker?
Downloads (

Does WiFi Linker require any special apps?
A free app is used once to configure your WiFi Linker device and generate its QR code. No other apps are required. Phones that subsequently tap the WiFi Linker device or scan the QR code will receive the network information automatically and do not require any installed apps.

What happens when I change my WiFi password?
It’s easy to update your Linker using same app you configured it with.

Does WiFi Linker require batteries?
WiFi Linker contains circuitry that is powered by your smartphone when you tap. It requires no batteries or power connection.